Rolls Royce is a symbol of luxury. It’s a brand that caters for rich class, but with Queen St Hire, anyone can experience the exclusive feel of traveling in this high-end vehicle.

We provide Rolls Royce car for hire in Sydney, for wedding transfers, corporate travels, sightseeing and special events. The sparkling exteriors complemented by luxurious, immaculate interiors speak volumes about the impeccable reputation that Rolls Royce holds.

The rear suicide doors give classic appeal to the car. The concept of suicide doors date back to 19th century when royal families used to travel in classic cars with the same kind of doors. Also, it makes more convenient for the passenger to comfortably board the car while our chauffeur holds the door.

We have the latest Rolls Royce models that have all the modern features, making them the winner in this segment. Right from elegant seats to wooden dashboard and superior upholstery on doors, you will be amazed at the craftsmanship behind the making of this top-notch car.

If you are in hurry or want to reach the destination as fast as possible, the advanced and powerful V12 engine will take care of that. The state of the art features and advanced technology incorporated in this car make it stand class apart.