Are you seeking a formal car hire service that comes with a distinctive edge? At Queen Street Car Hire, our formal cars meet high standards. Serving customers throughout Sydney, we use vehicles from some of the world’s most coveted manufacturers. Arrive at a party in a Ferrari, make your way to the airport in a Bentley, or guarantee a safe school formal car hire journey using one of our professional chauffeurs.

Why Choose Formal Cars Over Other Transport Options?

When you’re living in Sydney, you can choose from various public transport and taxi options. And while they’re both convenient ways to travel, they’re not as dependable as using formal car hire in Sydney.

With a proactive approach to meeting our customers’ needs, we plan each journey meticulously. We always look at potential problems with traffic ahead of time, and we plan accordingly to ensure you’ll arrive at your destination promptly every time. Your personal chauffeur will act with the utmost professionalism and ascertain what your expectations of our service are. Whether you want to get on with your work, talk to a fellow traveller, or relax, you can do as you please.

School Formal Car Hire for Safer Kids Journeys

School formal car hire in Sydney is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Parents want to ensure their children arrive safely at their end destination, in a clean car they feel comfortable using. When you’re living in a household where your work schedules don’t allow for you to take your children to school, you might feel more comfortable with school formal car hire than using a taxi or bus.

With school formal car hire, you can choose from a selection of well-maintained vehicles, including Mercedes, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, and Bentleys. If you make a regular arrangement with us, we will always collect and drop your children off on time. Once they become familiar with our chauffeurs, they’ll feel less anxious about their journey to school, which then allows them to enjoy the rest of their day. As a parent, you can rest assured in the knowledge that they’re at their end destination.

Using Formal Car Hire in Sydney from Queen Street Cars

At Queen Street Cars, we take great pride in exceeding your expectations no matter how high they are. Our chauffeurs benefit from background screening and understand the need to maintain confidentiality when you discuss business and personal matters in their presence. With ongoing training and consistently professional presences, they’re also an excellent choice when you want to guarantee a formal experience that makes your journeys simpler.

With our range of late-model cars, you’ll enjoy an exquisite journey every time. If you use us for your child’s school formal car hire, our chauffeurs will pay close attention to maintaining their sense of well-being throughout the duration of the ride.

To book one of our formal car hire services in Sydney, call 0477 833 678.