Queen St Hire provides corporate car for hire for big and small businesses and corporations. Our fleet comprises various luxurious cars to select from. Whether you need an affordable ride or want to make a lasting impression in a high-end car, Queen St Hire has you covered.

There could be myriad number of reasons to hire a corporate car. You are expecting arrival of an important client who you are required to pick up from the airport, or there’s a panel of corporate employees that need to transported from point A to point B for business meeting. Whatever is your requirement, we can suggest and provide the best car to suffice your needs.

Depending on your budget and requirement, we can provide you with a corporate car that’s stylish, spacious and compliant to your impeccable corporate image. We have high-end cars hailing from Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes and more.

Our skilled chauffeur accounts for your safety and comfort while on the move. Once aboard, you need not worry about getting late or caught in a traffic jam. While you are busy working on your laptop or in the middle of business interaction, our experienced, friendly chauffeur will take care of everything else.