As a vehicle traditionally associated with weddings, the Rolls Royce has symbolised luxury since 1884.

Today, Rolls Royce wedding cars remain a popular choice amongst couples who prefer all types of wedding themes. At Queen Street Car Hire, we provide Sydney Rolls Royce wedding cars to soon-to-be newlyweds throughout the city.

Alongside our impeccable cars, you’ll also benefit from a professional chauffeur dedicated to providing a courteous, personalised service at every moment.

Choosing a Rolls Royce wedding car hire service doesn’t just mean you’re adding elegance to your big day. While this car make is sophisticated, it’s also highly practical. Although its design has come a long way since inception, it still retains many of the features that made it popular amongst members of the British Royal Family. For example, the easy-to-access doors at the rear allow brides and bridesmaids to enter and exit elegantly. There’s no denying that this Rolls Royce wedding car feature lends itself well to those who prefer opulent dresses.

Why Choose a Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire in Sydney

From the ethereal romance to the grand entrance, opting for a Sydney Rolls Royce wedding car comes with lots of benefits. As a brand that’s at the pinacle of engineering worldwide, Rolls Royce produces vehicles that are every bit as highly dependable as they are gorgeous to look at.

Queen Street Car Hire knows that time is of the essence when it comes to your big day. As such, we’ll always recommend hiring a car transportation service that is reputed for its reliability.

On the note of speed, your Rolls Royce wedding car hire will also benefit from a robust engine that moves quickly. Before you book your wedding day car hire with us, you can choose whether you want to make a quick departure or move away slowly. Thanks to the Rolls Royce’s engine, both options are right at your fingertips.

Seize the Opportunity to Travel like Royalty on Your Wedding Day

Did you know that the Rolls Royce is the vehicle of choice amongst members of the British Royal Family? Featuring emblems that signify elegance, they’re worthy of transporting the world’s elite from place to place. With celebrities from Kim Kardashian to David Beckham using them as their car of choice, it’s clear they’re a universally popular option amongst those who crave opulence.

While most people don’t drive these vehicles on a daily basis, you can use their exlusive nature to make your wedding day truly spectacular. At Queen Street Car Hire, we provide the latest Rolls Royce models for your convenience. Our Rolls Royce wedding car hire in Sydney benefits from vehicles that receive regular maintenance. We clean the plush leather interiors between uses, check the engines, and train our drivers to transport each car with the sophistication it commands.

With an impressive fleet for you to choose from and immaculately uniformed chauffeurs, this is your chance to bring a dose of elite magic to your wedding day transport. To hire one of our Rolls Royce wedding cars, call 0477 833 678 today.