Blackout and Paint work


Our de-chroming service offers a fantastic alternative to replacing expensive manufacturer parts with new Gloss Black Parts. With the option to pick and choose specific items which you wish to customise it’s a great way to transform a car without changing the colour

We can cover up the chrome trims on your vehicles windows, grille, door handles and badging and any molds the car comes in chrome with. We wrap or paint any visible piece of chrome to give your car the color accents you prefer in various finishes such as matte, satin, gloss and even color matched paintwork. Our paint service allows for unwrappable items like badges and complex grilles to be blacked out at the same time.

Custom painting is also available for Brake calipers and wheels.

We Paint Calipers with a high quality automotive paint in any custom or oem colors for your vehicle with new decals to suite. Wheels can also be painted or powder coated to various colours.

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